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The other crime that complicates Fuente-Alba: former army chief can be examined for perjury

Everything indicates that the prospects for Fuente-Alba will become even more complicated, given the redemption of the reserved expenditure incurred by the Comptrollers Office in the years 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, where it claimed that the said funds were for activities of "intelligence, counterintelligence and security". However, this has been completely discredited in the light of the prosecution of Minister Rutherford, who withdrew the millionaire's crimes of public funds from these silver addicts. The Public Prosecution Service could open an investigation on this edge.

The bad news continues for the former supreme commander of the army, Juan Miguel Fuente-Alba. This week, the national prosecutor Jorge Abbott argued that the formalization of the general (R) for money laundering would be the following. This action is added to the prosecution and preventive detention ordered by the minister responsible for the case, Romy Rutherford, who detained the general (r) in the Peñalolén Military Police Battalion for misappropriating public funds for an amount of nearly 3,500 millions pesos.

But everything indicates that the prospects for Fuente-Alba will become even darker after an antecedent has been released that is included in the research that has been investigated by Minister Rutherford, in connection with the surrender of the reserved expenses he has made as commander. . at the head of the army for the Comptroller in the years 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

According to information from The third, in this processing Rutherford showed Fuente-Alba those four deposits, which were made under an affidavit. That was insured in those documents the reserved expenditure "was intended for intelligence, counter-espionage and security activities". From the information gathered by the minister, however, it appears that these characteristics are "not in the hands of the destinations actually given to those resources, according to the provisions of Law 19,974, which relates to the intelligence system."

The former commander-in-chief said at the time that it was a "generic" surrender, and that he only "endorsed the proposal made by the finance director at the time, in collaboration with the director of the intelligence service" and added that He had the "ability" to review all information ".

In that sense, and according to the opinion of different lawyers, if it is confirmed that the affidavits of Fuente-Alba are incorrect, this would be the ultimate crime of perjury, adding a new legal complication.

"Of course there can be perjury, especially when the surrender of accounts does not match the lot that was really given to those resources, that is wrong," lawyer Julio Pallavicini told La Tercera.

"When a general buys an Audis fleet with accusations for the reserved expenses, there is clearly something irregular, there is a break in trust, it is so much more serious than the loss of money, that people no longer believe that these expenses are reserved "he added.

In the same vein, the criminal Matias Künsemüller believes that "the suspects of the cases never declare under the oath, but in fact, if this statement is given to another body, before a criminal investigation is initiated, we can the offense of perjury (…) if (Source-Alba) declares under oath in a document that complies with the legal ceremonies, and says that he has done something like that or has spent the money for certain purposes and that did not seem to be true. that could be perjury. "

In the Office of the Comptroller General, they pointed out that if the Public Prosecution Service determines that Fuente-Alba has actually lied in these statements, it is the Prosecution who must open an investigation into these crimes.

It should also be remembered that the prosecutor's office is investigating a series of suspicious transactions involving luxury cars, whose common denominator is the role of the famous car dealer Audi of Vitacura, Klassik Car, and in which Fuente-Alba could be involved such as appears from a recent report by The counter

Legal action

Regarding the legal progress of the case, the Minister Rutherford today left Jozo Santic, a former general of the army serving as treasurer of the institution during the period of Fuente-Alba who had the command of the military branch, detained.

In addition, the 7th Court of Guarantee on 12 March at 9.00 am, prudently provided at the request of the defense of the general (r).

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