UCN Medicine students return to class

They are happy and slightly anxious, because this was news they had been waiting for a long time. It is about the restart of practical workshops by the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad Católica del Norte, specifically for the medical career. It should be noted that as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, young people were studying alone at home, a situation where they were alert but at the same time very concerned about their professional future.

However, the good news came and the university resumed face-to-face activities on Tuesday, which has especially pleased fourth-year students, who are already on their way to a crucial stage.

They waited for the moment

Catalina Tamburrino is a fourth-year student of Medicine. “I am very happy to return to these face-to-face practices as I consider it a very important area. We know the theoretical content is too, but we have to deal with situations as we will encounter them in the professional future, ” he stressed, because in a no-pandemic situation, they would go to hospital rotation systems, but “ the pandemic has it prevented. That’s why we give nursing workshops, for example, ”says Catalina, who was very eager to return to class. “Our main concern is to know if we leave prepared enough, but I think we will recover that time,” he stressed.

Rodrigo Alcota is also a fourth year student of Medicine. While he also wanted to go back to face-to-face activities, he claimed that “being able to study at home has its advantages too, as it allows you to focus much more on the theoretical content. The bad thing is that we fall short because the practicality is essential, especially in relation to interaction with patients, ”he stressed.

Regarding returning to a context as complex as the pandemic, Rodrigo acknowledged that “you need to have significant self-care and the use of personal protective equipment. It is important that the university supports us to follow a new normal as much as possible ”.

Melanie Madrid is also in the fourth year of the race and recognized her joy at this return as well as her concern. “I am very happy, even if they are only simulations. Much appreciated. Although one studies a lot at home, it is in the practical part where one consolidates one’s knowledge. While it may not be in hospitals, simulations are important due to the current context. We learn a lot from the teachers and we hope this continues. I think having fewer face-to-face internships in the hospital could impact the future, but the university has taken on the responsibility of running instances online. We hope it will not have that much of an impact in the future ”.


Osvaldo Iribarren, Dean of the UCN School of Medicine, said that “after two months of intensive work, we have managed to achieve a safe return for students, teachers and of course for the sick. In addition, we have succeeded in integrating educational care in medical health centers, starting on December 9 for the Las Compañías Clinic ”.

Meanwhile, Dr. Claudia Behrens, Director of the Center for Clinical Simulation at UCN School of Medicine, said “we have developed protocols to provide our students with a safe learning environment, minimizing the risk of contamination, working from a curricular perspective. ”He concluded.

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