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UDI delegates propose militarizing the population to achieve peace

the UDI delegates Álvaro Carter, Juan Manuel Fuenzalida and Osvaldo Urrutia the government will provide a document with radicals proposals to combat drug trafficking in the population; this in full controversy for the armed and pyrotechnic boasting of the so-called "Narcovelorios".

As reported The third, the paper is entitled "Peace for our population"and will be delivered tomorrow Friday Minister Andrés Chadwick. His axis is six measures in front of "stricter policy to combat drug trafficking " and reduce the power of these criminal groups.

One of the most controversial points is the idea of intervene in conflicting points with the army: "The people in the cities call for the presence of police officers and the armed forces to live in peace", says the writing.

In addition, it is suggested that the police equipment, so that at arrival the population bulletproof vests, helmets and weapons as UZI submachine gun, drones.

The delegates also say that "it is necessary to drastically increase the penalties, so that, in the case of detecting the sale or lease of weapons and / or ammunition, is punished very hard, both on a military and civilian level".

Finally, the document promotes the idea of ​​closing public places and places, so that "every neighbor can decide whether or not he wants to live with certainty in his home environment".

Piñera: The armed forces were not trained for this

Last night, in an interview with Now news, the President Sebastián Piñera rejected the possibility of adding the army to the fight against drug trafficking in the population.

"We must use our police officers, no to the armed forcesbecause they are not prepared or trained for these types of topics; are prepared for other purposes: defend sovereignty, territorial integrity, work together in times of catastrophe, as they did, "said the president.

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