"When are we training?": Lovren & # 39; filters & # 39; unusual message from Salah in full celebration of the new year sport-

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Lindsey Parnaby | Agence France-Presse

He left his friend as proof. The Liverpool defender Dejan Lovren He took social networks over the last few hours.

This after filtering & # 39; a nice conversation on WhatsApp with your teammate Mohamed Salah, happened in full celebration of the new year.

"Happy new year, brother", was the short but precise message sent by the Egyptian striker to the defender, who quickly replied "thank you, brother, I wish you all the best in the new year: health and love."

But then the unusual would come. The scorer asked an unexpected question that unleashed the laughter of the defender: "The same for you … What time is the training tomorrow? I just congratulated you on the time of tomorrow, Is it still at 15:30?".

The defender decided to share the words of his friend, to publish a screenshot of the dialogue and to make an invitation to his followers: "Do you have such friends too?"he wrote.

The greeting of the selected Egipato has reached the media across Europe. For example, Diario Marca mentioned what happened "Salah sends the New Year's greetings more opportunistically and brutally."

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