Alec Baldwin responds to one of his daughter's most sexy photos

Unlike their parents, who have made themselves known in the film industry thanks to their work, the new generation of the Baldwin dynasty seems to have found its calling in the fashion world.

Although it is now Hailey's name that sounds louder, more for his dedication to Justin Bieber than for his career as an image of different brands, Ireland, the daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, has also managed to create an impressive portfolio in recent years thanks to an impressive beauty that recalls that of his mother.

In her case, Ireland has proven to have a lot more courage than her nephew, to make various reports with nudity and to saturate her popular Instagram account of snapshots in which she poses for the most evocative camera.

The last one, in which she appears on a motorcycle in a short bikini and cowboy boots, has even managed to get the attention of her father. For once, Alec did not seem to have any words to see his offspring in that form despite, to be honest, she made more provocative poses.

"No, simply … no", the experienced interpreter wrote in the comment section of the publication. Despite the tone of his message, he and Ireland are used to exchanging all kinds of jokes and spotting through the virtual sphere, for example. What is certain is that the model laughed heartily when she met the remark of her famous father.

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