Asia Argento denied the abuse of a child and claimed that it was Anthony Bourdain who paid him for his silence

Argento during the march of women in March in Rome Source: AFP – Credit: Christian Minelli

"I am deeply shocked and hurt to have read news that is absolutely false, I never had any sexual relationship with Bennet," he said.

Asia Argento
, the Italian actress who was one of the first and most visible prosecutors

Harvey Weinstein
about an article published in the New York Times on weekends
in which he announced the details of a settlement of an out-of-court agreement that Argento had arrived with Jimmy Bennett, a former child actor who claimed that in 2013 when he was 17, he was sexually abused by the actress and 37.

According to the note, the American newspaper received the documents via an encrypted e-mail that was sent anonymously, including a selfie of Argento and Bennett in a bed, an image that was part of the agreement with which Bennett, now 22 years old, received $ 380,000. of the actress.

Argento sent a statement this morning to journalist Yashar Ali of the magazine New York in which he not only denied the alleged sexual abuse of the actor (who had played his son in the film at the age of seven)
The heart is deceitful above all else, which she directed) but explains that the decision to pay Bennett was his friend, the deceased

Anthony Bourdain
The Los Angeles police decided to investigate the Italian actress after the publication of the note.

And what were you so far?
A complicated story about the alleged double standard of a victim, Argento, who at the same time accused the sexual intimidation and abuse of Weinstein of having signed an agreement to silence a person she herself had abused, became an almost sinister story taking into account the suicide of Bourdain last June.

Last April, with Anthony Bourdain
Last April, with Anthony Bourdain Source: AFP – Credit: ANGELA WEISS

According to the first statement by the actress Bourdain
he regarded Bennett as "dangerous" and that the agreed payment was a way to "compassionately deal with his request for help after asking me for exorbitant money." Moreover, Argento explains that Bennett knew that Bourdain was a man who was seen by the public as someone with a great economic fortune and someone with a reputation as a beloved public figure whom he had to protect.

That part of Argento's statement in one way or another
It coincides with what was reported in the New York Times memorandum, that initially the actor who accused her had asserted against those who threatened to prosecute her through Bourdain's lawyers. That happened in November 2017, just a month after the scandal of Weinstein broke out thanks to the studies published by the New York Times and the New Yorker magazine in October.

According to the papers published by the New York Times at the weekend when the prominent place Argento assumed in the struggle to end the culture of abuse of power and manipulations that Weinstein had installed in Hollywood for decades, Bennett the decision to make his claim after suffering for years from the consequences of that meeting in a Los Angeles hotel room, in which he said the abuse has taken place.

In her statement yesterday, the actress claims that it was Bourdain who took over the payment that the actor demanded and who both believed it was a way to help Bennett who had a successful career as a child actor but had diminished in adolescence not only in terms of employment, but also economically. Months after the meeting at the hotel, the actor complained to his parents because he had stripped his belongings and stole more than a million dollars from his income, as explained in films such as Papa & # 39; s and Poseidon & # 39; s daycare, under others.

In a letter to Argento on behalf of the lawyer who had handled the agreement – finally, the legal representative of Bourdain was not involved – from April last, the money for Bennett is called "a tool".

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