"Avengers: Infinity War": Thanos played in this heartbreaking deleted scene comics

No doubt " Avengers: Infinity War "a before and after marked in the productions of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not only because of the impact of Thanos in the Avengersbut also for the incredible production that is made to have all those actors on the camera.

In addition to the two hours and forty minutes of the tape, the scenes were removed in the Blu-ray. The directors of "Avengers: Infinity War "They noted that these served to give more depth to some characters, such as Guardians of the Galaxy or Thanos.

But there is a scene with the crazy titan that is much more heartbreaking than what was on the band. Dan DeLeeuw, employee of Digital Domain, one of the companies responsible for the visual effects of " Avengers: Infinity War ", he shared the information SlashFilm.

It was intended that Thanos walk through a river of blood on the planet Vormir, as a metaphor for the victims who would die in their hands. What has been changed in the design process by an archipelago in which it Avengers and Gamora like a child

" Avengers: Infinity War "will be the turning point for the recording of Captain Marvel and the transition to the new generation of Avengers of the next phase of wonder.

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