Benito Cerati remembered that his father was imitating a memorable photograph

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September 28, 2018

The son of the legendary leader of Soda Stereo gave a nod to fans of his father in Chile.

Benito Cerati

Benito Cerati is on tour in Chile with his band Zero Kill. On Saturday, September 29 will be presented as part of the show by Javiera Mena at the Teatro Caupolican.

During his tour of Santiago, he dedicated a moment to replicating a historical photograph that his father immortalized in the Chilean metro. As Gustavo did in 1994, Benito was photographed while traveling underground, looking through a window, between the passengers.

The company that manages Santiago's metro was responsible for sharing the emotional image. In his networks he published:

"In 1994, Gustavo Cerati traveled on a NS74 from Tobalaba to Santa Lucia with photographer Javier Godoy, who recorded an unforgettable moment in 11 images, 24 years later we repeat the story Today, Benito, son of Gustavo, traveled in the same train with his band Zero Kill … "

Weeks ago, Benito remembered his father when he told details of how the last dialogue he had with Gustavo was. "He left me at home with my mother and told me & # 39; we will not see each other for a long time, and I kept thinking about the emphasis. I am spiritually zero, yes I have my own spirituality in energy forms of a different kind. By this I do not mean that he saw what would happen to him, but it is a good farewell, a good conclusion, "he told the program of Andy Kusnetzoff, Podemos Hablar.

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