Bío Bío Theater could win a prize for its architecture

The Bío Bío Theater won the Beazley Prize, awarded by the London Design Museum to the most innovative projects of the year around the world.

The building, built on the banks of the Concepción River, will compete with other structures such as the Louvre in Abu Dhabi and the National Library of Qtar, in the category of Architecture.

The admiration of London is not shared by other institutions, because it was criticized for its aesthetic, some warn that "the landscape is interrupting", as Radio Bío Bío indicates.

For the designer of the building, Smilan Radic, the building is a "super parco" that is not very noticeable for "a public who does not know any architecture".

We will have to wait until November of this year to know whether the structure will receive the prize.

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