Chilean who blinded JLO, went to the semi-finals of the stellar dance

"This is how World Of Dance closes" he wrote Jennifer Lopez to highlight the final presentation of the Chilean Ricardo Vega with the Argentinean Karen Forcano in the program from the NBC network.

The singer and jury of the television room praised the presentation of the couple, who performed a risky choreography to the rhythm of "Caminaré" by Marc Anthony.

A presentation that qualified the JLO, the singer Ne-Yo and the dancer Derek Hough with 99 points, allowing them to reach the semi-finals of the television room.

After they went to the semi-finals of the program, the couple thanked the support of the fans. "It was difficult to present something that we are not used to in the competition, but we wanted to show them that there is also passion, drama and dance in Latin American dances"they confirmed.

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