Disney and Marvel decide to suspend production of Guardians of the Galaxy 3

A month after Disney had driven James Gunn from the address by tweets who joked about pedophilia and dated a decade ago, the company suspended it – at least temporarily. the production of Guardians of the Galaxy 3, the film that would begin to take place in 2019. In the last week, the team that was in charge of the pre-production of a film whose scenario – by Gunn himself, author of the first two terms- all of it was written, it was disarmed, according to the Hollywood Reporter and reproduced Variety.

Although ten days after the dismissal the entire cast of Guardians … sent a letter asking Disney to revise their position, the executives remained in their position not to re-hire Gunn for the third film in a series already worldwide $ 1,600 million and is one of the surprising successes of Disney's merger with Marvel. A meeting was reported last August between representatives of Gunn and the company, but the position remains the same.

What means that the poster "The Guardians of the Galaxy" will return, will only be true for the second part of Infinity War, the crossover with Avengers that premiered this year and will have its follow-up and conclusion in May. For the moment at least. It is not known what will happen with the already developed script, nor if the company is actively looking for a new director.

Guardians of the Galaxy was a surprise success in 2013 and was again in 2017 and follows the adventures of a group of very little known Marvel characters from outside the United States. The critical success – even in the most academic criticism – of the first film gave letters of citizenship to Marvel.

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