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Will we meet Vegeta & # 39; s mother? A few days ago, the official page of Dragon Ball Super unveiled new images from the next film and, as expected, dozens of theories began to spread via the internet. One of the most successful is that it is about the origin of the saijayin prince, Vegeta and the opportunity to know his parents.

Due to the high expectations of followers of the film by Akira Toriyama, netizens have leaked some of the first images revealed by the palace where Vegeta & # 39; s family lived, located on the planet Vegeta, which will appear in the film.Dragon Ball Super: Broly".

This would mean that not only in the manga inspired by Akira Toriyama we will see not only the origins of Goku and Broly, but also of Vegeta, because of all the references of the filtered images.

Another detail that has highlighted the fans of the anime, especially the youtuber Anzu in one of his last videos this is the image as if it were the palace of King Vegeta for the two moons posing on this building, inspired by the first film by Broly.

This detail of the Vegeta palace opens the possibility that the parents of Vegeta, something that Dragon Ball fans have been waiting for, especially to see their mother.

In another image a new planet can be seen, apparently it would be the planet where Broly lives, the same as they appear in the trailer.

Also in one of the last images is a paradisiacal place, it would be the place chosen by Bulma to spend a holiday and has attracted attention by the resemblance to the city of Italy called Amalfi.

The premiere of Dragon Ball Super: Broly is scheduled for December 14 in Japan, while for Latin America on January 17, 2019 will be. Here is the complete video published by a famous youtuber:

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