Ernesto Belloni no longer resisted and wept over the sad situation of "El Poeta" of Morandé with Compañía

The media reported that a few days ago Daniel Ponce, better known as & # 39; The poet & # 39 ;, He distributed leaflets from a dental clinic because of the complex economic situation he is going through.

Ponce divorced his wife, who decided to bring his two children to the Fifth Region. At the same time money from work with Ernesto Belloni It is not enough and it is helped with the flyers.


What was most striking, however, was that Belloni began to mourn the screen for the complex situation of Daniel Ponce, which he regards as a son.

"I got a lot of attention when I met him and I saw a super weak guy A man lacking in everything in life One day I was very motivated to help him when he says & # 39; no, I'm never going to marry & # 39;said the comedian.

& # 39; His self-esteem was so low that he never thought of the possibility that he would marry, except to have children. I thought it was so special that way. But I must be honest. I also did not say & # 39; this child should help him & # 39 ;. But at a time when we needed it in the Kike program, and it was with a sentence: "Don Che, I have a poem for you." Then I continued to use it in my routines, small things, "he confessed.

Then he kept telling, "In the beginning they used a little bit of his, then I checked his exits, his performances alone, because it was one thing for me to go to a disco and make me laugh. to laugh, based on that, and another thing is to make fun ".


"We suffer a lot from the separation of the poet, we suffered a lot, the whole team, because the man was really sad, I got a little excited (starts to cry), I just saw him suffering." Chuta, it was super painful (sobbing) "he commented.

Ernesto saw that Ponce is like a son to him and that is why he has so much influence on him that he sees him so badly. "For the whole team, really, but especially for me. I was afraid this boy would do something crazy. I tried to tie it here. That he did this and this other one. Eventually he continued and met this girl (refers to the new partner of the young man) ", closed between tears.

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