From the screen to the stage the "youtubers" armed the party – Printed edition

The Personal Club Media Fest again unleashed the euphoria of thousands of teenagers who gathered at the Conmebol Convention Center yesterday to meet their favorite "youtubers". Music, dancing, challenges and video games were the attractions.

The artistic figures, as well as the challenges and video games, were the protagonists of the presentations of the figures of the social networks that participated yesterday in this second edition of the festival, which also had special areas to receive beauty treatments or to be encouraged to play playstation and introduce yourself in the virtual reality proposals.

The Mexican "youtuber" Luisito Comunica, one of the most anticipated of the day, entered the stage as the "King Palomo" and remembered his passage through Market 4 and Areguá, waving in Guaraní. Dressed in the albirroja jacket, he organized a geography contest, referring to his travel videos, after showing a series of memes.

In turn, the Argentinean Alejo Igoa was encouraged to follow Tony Boom's "footsteps", to sing later and to let the audience dance to the rhythm of reggaeton.

In the beauty salon, Mar Joha spoke with Yoana Marlen and La Divaza about self-respect and the importance of showing in networks as they are.

For their part, Mangel, Perxitaa, Alexby and Lolito were challenged on stage with the Fortnite video game and faced challenges such as eating wasabi and dancing.

At the call of "Viva Paraguay" the Martinez Twins, from Catalonia (Spain), launched the euphoria of the female audience that danced the current hits such as "Scooby Doo Papá" and "Finess".

In sheer humor, the Venezuelan duo La Divaza and La Jose presented their presidential campaign and they missed the opportunity to release some jokes about the president of his country, Nicolás Maduro.

The closure was the leadership of the Uruguayan duo Dosogas Team, whose members presented their songs in the midst of the euphoria of those present.

The feast of the "youtubers", that "Berth Oh!" Had. The conductor included the Paraguayans Cero 904 and Kokeba, the Argentine Tomplay and the Colombian Jorge Mas9.

ABC Tv will broadcast a special program with the best of the festival from 20:00 onwards.

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