Gripping: young woman cheering the world with the portrait of her deceased father at her party of 15 | life

One of the most important examples for young people in Latin America is the parties on the 15th birthday, where they are practically presented to society. In the case of women, the most solemn moment is when They have to play the central dance with their parents.

The young Mexican Daniela Zamarripa he lived this situation in a moving and special way, as he concluded perform the main roll next to the portrait of his deceased father weeks before

This exciting moment was published by the girl herself on her Facebook account, where she received thousands of comments about support from people who had to experience similar situations in their lives.

"For those who have their parents, I will be grateful tell them you love them and give them a hug and kiss every day that passes, because you never know how much the latter will be ", wrote the girl next to the video.

I will miss you It was the song the young woman chose to honor her father, Tereso Zamarripa, who could not be with her on the spot.

A few minutes before he went to the party, the girl went to the cemetery where the man is buried. At that time he also devoted a few words of thanks.

"I came to see your father, I came because I knew it was a dream for me to see me dressed for my 15. I wanted to spend at least five minutes with you, I miss you and it hurts that you're here are not physical. But spiritually I know that you are with me and you will see that I am carrying my waltz ", wrote the young woman.

The record has been widely commented on youtube, where it has more than 12 thousand views in just five days.

We invite you to watch the dance below.

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