Harry broke a family tradition for an act of love towards Meghan

the absence of Harry to two major hunting events in less than a year has released the alarms: has he left one of his biggest hobbies? It seems so and he did it out of love for his wife, Meghan Markle. Let me see

It has been banned in the United Kingdom since 2005, but the fox hunting is practiced clandestinely and it is said that it is royals continue to participate . Well, since December last year the rumor has been that Harry has not been to a very traditional one Boxing Day and that was not to harass Meghan, then become engaged.

The sun He reports that Harry loves that event, but that he did not go to that appointment. "Going to Boxing Day has always been a sensitive topic. Meghan is an enthusiastic animal rights activist and he does not like hunting in any way. Harry loves him, but if (not chasing) means breaking with the real traditions not to bother her, it will be so, "an informant told the newspaper.

The second signal happened a few weeks ago, when it was also rumored that Harry was not going to another hunting event, that on that occasion got a more important character to strictly family: the hunt for the capercaillie.

Harry and rhino appear 2015
Harry, his father and his brother are controversial because on the one hand they have events and are committed to the animals and on the other are perfect hunters.

All members of the royal family met the Queen at Balmoral Castle to complete the summer holidays, and one of the most important activities is to go hunting for this little bird. In fact there was controversy in social networks because it was another strong rumor they took the little prince George on a hunt in itself and not just the lunch that the Windsors make afterwards.

Well, Apparently, Harry was not present either to that small but important family event in which he himself became very young.

Gone are the photo ?? s of the prince in full action. There is an image of smiles at the body of a buffalo, something that was recited 10 years later as a claim, when it father and his brother William They have released a video for a fair treatment of animals.

From his side Meghan has shown her love For the animal kingdom by refusing to use leather or fur, he has adopted rescue dogs and said that he is trying to eat vegan food during the days of the week. It is clear that Harry with these beliefs changes his habits a bit and even a hobby that he has enjoyed for years. And he does it out of respect and love for his wife.

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