In the middle of the phase: Laura Pausini is hit by fanatics during a concert in Lima TV and show

The Italian singer Laura Pausini had an impeccable presentation in the Jockey Club of Lima (Peru), in which he delighted his followers with their classical songs. The show, however, had no less than expected It was lightly touched by a fan who had invited to sing on stage.

The two women met the song with a lot of energy He left when the young woman began to exaggerate her arms, with those who then hit the nose of the artist, who was struck by the fact.

Luckily Pausini could continue with the presentation without major inconveniences, although he had to urge his companion to stop moving, so energetic, his arms on the stage.

It should be noted that Pausini is developing the tour Fatti Sentire World Tour 2018, which led her to travel through different countries in Latin America, such as Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

His presentation on national territory was in the Movistar Arena on 18 August.

This was the moment in the Lima scene.

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