Loreto Aravena revealed that what comes in "Pacto de Sangre" is frightening

This Monday 23 Channel 13 premiered in Pacto de Sangre, his new nighttime teleserie that shows that you can still do very interesting teleseries. With a luxurious cast, eThis program has been very well received by the public.

One of the most important actresses is Loreto Aravena, who plays Josefa, and is that during an exclusive interview with Aravena in a few words said that what comes is very interesting and dark.

Channel 13

With regard to passing a comedy character -Susy the Again– for a more dramatic, assured Loreto that he is happy because it is a great opportunity to show your talent.

"I think it's a good formula to show the versatility and attributes that one has as an actor, I think it's an advantage and we should benefit from it"he emphasized.

On Pacto de Sangre the actress revealed that Josefa at the "Whiter side" from this story, the "dark side" are from the pact of silence of the characters of Pablo Cerda, Álvaro Espinoza, Néstor Cantillana and Pablo Macaya.

Channel 13

He said, however, that sooner or later the lies begin to influence the women of the group. "I think this will be a kind of Breaking Bad, we're all going to the dark side ", revealed Loreto.

As far as the competition is concerned Covenant of Blood, as Pasapalabra and House of Dolls, Aravena ensures that this diversity in programming is good for the industry.

"The spectators, the more they have to watch on the open television, it's much better because we're looking for variety nowadays, which is why we love platforms like Netflix, because there are plenty of things to see"he said.

Remember that Loreto Aravena, in addition to working on Channel 13, also has an online program on CF Radio In Filming, which is also sent via streaming.

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