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A few days ago Maluma shared with his Instagram followers the cover of his latest single "Mala Mía". The image she decided to use to promote her, where she is seen on a bed with women around him, was labeled "macho". But not according to those users saw the terrible errors of the cover.

On 7 August Maluma launched the photo on Instagram and people on Twitter took the time to report the errors of ] Photoshop. They sent recordings of the serious shortcomings.

YOU CAN SEE Instagram: The Bananero & # 39; makes Maluma angry with this message and makes its fans angry

On August 10 the official video of Maluma to YouTube and users indicated that it evokes polygamy & # 39; as a result of images of lingerie models produced during the 4:01 minutes of & # 39; Mala Mia & # 39; to appear.

that was added to the wave of criticism on Maluma was the daughter of Carlos Vives. Lucy Vives expressed her annoyance against the image of the production via a story on her Instagram account. "Girls, come on … really? You always disappoint me … Our generation still supports the womanizer?" Education! Maluma, call me crazy, or call somebody ", pointed the model to the cover of the video .

The following errors:


2.-Weird leg or model

3. – Whose arm is it?

4. -The hand of the model


5.-The arm of the model

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