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© Instagram Marilyn Manson collapses completely

Apparently his fall was due to the great heat that felt on the stage in Houston, United States. TVN


An inconvenient moment was the person who lived the singer Marilyn Manson last Saturday, when I was give a concert in Houston, United Statesand out of nowhere He collapsed on the podium.

As can be seen in the video 's that were shared by the fans at the event, the artist interpreted the song' Sweet dreams', when he turns his back on the audience, he moves away from the microphone and suddenly falls to the ground.

According to the information collected by the local media, this incident would have been caused by the heat that was there, which would have a somewhat unbalanced Manson.

Remember that this is not the first incident that Manson suffers while giving a concert since then last October the singer was crushed by two great accessories that were on stage during a show in New York.


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