Marilyn Manson faints during concert in Houston (VIDEO)

August 20, 2018

The singer at the KnotFest festival in Mexico suffered terribly during his presentation.

PHOTO: Twitter @marilynmanson

The same "Antichrist", Marilyn Manson suffered terribly weak during his presentation at a concert in Houston, USA. it was therefore assumed that it was a heat stroke.

Posted by Edgar Pacheco on October 16, 2016

Saturday he performed in the city for the international tour "Twins of Evil: The Second Corning" but his presentation was not entirely good, because according to the Sopitas news portal the performer of "Sweet Dreams" fainted at the stage where I played this song .

This fact caused commotion and anger among the attendees, although moments before that the singer had told the audience that he suffers a heat stroke.

In the clip posted on social networks, you can see Marilyn suffer and even be unable to say words and sing much less, but he has done his best to finish the melody.

The fainting occurred after the & # 39; Antichrist & # 39; went to the locker rooms to get medical attention.

When he went to the scene, his companero in tour, the rocker Rob Zombie, told the audience that Manson was good after a medical revision.

"My dear friend, Mr. Manson, he feels bad, he's probably in the bus as if he was shit, I need a partner for the next song, so we sing very hard to make him feel better," Zombie said. against the crowd.

Here the faintness of the rocker.

Posted by _ euqinu on August 18th. 2018

Despite the confirmation that the "Antichrist" was good from his friend, Marilyn Manson on Twitter today wrote an apology to the Houston public for not finishing the show, but this time his health was not good by the blow of heat.

"Thanks to Houston for understanding, I ended up in medical care, but I did my best and you were great," wrote the rockstar.

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