Mario Vargas Llosa comes out in defense of Mauricio Rojas: "Sooner or later he will be the winner"

Mario Vargas Llosa came out in defense of Mauricio Rojas and confirmed that the country lost the chance to have a minister who had left "a print of progress in Chilean reality".

Via a column published in The nation of Argentina, the author confirmed that he has a great admiration for the author of "Dialogue of Conversos".

"Since I met him, I have great admiration for him, because I consider him one of the cleanest and most decent people with whom I have had the privilege of developing a series of books that are a model for his intellectual work. of rigorous knowledge and intelligence, "he says.

Vargas Llosa blamed "the defamation and discredit of the left" for the rapid passage of Rojas by the government.

"(Left) is still the same one who contributed, with his extremist sectarianism and inflammatory and unreal rhetoric in the time of Salvador Allende, to destroy Chilean democracy and to drive the bloodthirsty regime of Pinochet, which of course makes her a mansalva"He argues.

The author of "The War of the End of the World" says that Rojas denied human rights violations with his statements about the memory museum "is a nonsense without head or tail".

"I am sorry for Chile, not for him or his readers. Because I understand that, now, after this frustrating experience, he has decided to distance himself from any political position to return to his intellectual work."He adds.

Finally, the Nobel Prize for Literature indicates that the battle has just started and that "sooner or later Mauricio Rojas will be the winner".

It must be remembered that Rojas will return to public life as a professor at the Universidad del Desarrollo, where he dictates a chair on Adam Smith.

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