Mayte Rodríguez shows off her most sensual side in Aruba and represents new professional challenges TV and show

Mayte Rodríguez lives one of his best moments and not only in the sentimental but also in the work.

The actress is the voice of a documentary about Chile from NatGeo which will travel through the country from the Atacama desert to Patagonia.

"It's all about seeing how nature touches our country, for example to know how our animals survive in areas as dry as the desert and as complex as the Torres del Paine (…) R I have learned incredible things " he explained to Cosas.

"I love my country and programs of this style are my favorites, I feel that they are contributing to the culture and it is an honor to be part of this. This program is seen everywhere in Latin America, so the truth is that I saw it as a good opportunity and I did not hesitate to participate. It is also one of my favorite channels, I have always been interested in history and learning program, "he added to the publication.

The artist assured herself that she is very enthusiastic about this new challenge, especially because she can work through her voice. "The voice is like our fingerprint or like the iris, no two are the same in the world … it's a wonderful tool, then, to be able to interpret and feel, to pass by the voice, what I feel is telling, incredibly ", he confessed.

Recently the actress traveled to Aruba to participate in a sensual photo session for Things, which was responsible for the photographer Jonathan Zamora for Estudio Schkolnick.

In the images [May 200900] Mayte can be seen on paradise beaches with her carved figure in a bikini and with a white blouse.

During the interview with the publication, the actress also presented her relationship Alexis Sanchez, which she described as "a very nice person, fighter and persevering."

"It was a surprise for me to know him and that we liked him." ] After a while we start to find each other more fun, until we fall in love (…), being able to be together, as much as we can, is what has enabled us to have a relationship to build based on support, trust and love (…) I learned a lot from him. God crossed our paths and I am very happy. "

" It was very nice (the relationship). We have managed to achieve the best times, between my work and his, to see each other as much as possible. Today there is Skype, FaceTime, so the technology has helped us, "he said.

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