Peter Dinklage says goodbye to "Tyrion Lannister" society

Next year we will have to say goodbye Game of Thrones and of each of the characters who have earned our love – and hatred – in particular Tyrion Lannister that takes a place in our hearts.

The character played by Peter Dinklage He said goodbye to his newspaper and said goodbye to him forever. "The last day is always anticlimax for the character. Nothing is rolled chronologically, so you do not have an epic scene or anything like that. It was just: & # 39; that is the end of Peter Dinklage & # 39 ;. But as an anti-climax like that day, it was also bittersweet. Many people I like were on the set that day. Even if they did not work, they came to the set. I tried to do the same as other classmates did. If it was your last day, you went to the set to say goodbye ", the actor acknowledged in an interview vulture.

Dinklage also referred to the farewell of one of the youngest actors of the series in the previous season, which was a moment that everyone destroyed because that person had grown up in the series, "they were children, they have grown up and now they are gone , it is as if you are witnessing how a person says goodbye to his youth"he added.

The actor has made it clear that he knows that GoT is only a series, but his life was for him and his companions.

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