"Red" surprises with a turnaround in the competition: they will be eliminated again

An important news received the participants eliminated from the program "Red, the color of talent", because the space led by Álvaro Escobar will once again offer the opportunity to reconnect to the match.

It should be noted that the & # 39; repecha & # 39; was executed in the TVN program, where Camila Vásquez, Juan Francisco Matamala and Matías Falcón, introduced by the dancers; while Toarii Valantin, Andrei Hadler and Millaray Mandiolathey did it in the category of singers. But most of them were eliminated with the passage of weeks, so this news surprised the audience.

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To complete the necessary quotas for the semifinals, the production allowed the most voted participants to compete in the decisive case of the program.

In this way, singers Toari Valentin, Pia Maria Silva, Felipe Galindo and Millaray Mandiola, and the dancers, Julio Allendes, Juanfra Matamala, Yerko Aliaga, Javiera Aranda and Nicole Meza, this week will challenge the possibility to return to the competition. For this they have to win the popular vote via social networks: Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp by sending the numerical hashtag of each participant, so they can vote until Thursday, because on Friday the winners will premiere their new meetings.

After this process, the three most voted artists in each category should be presented on the podium of "Red" on Friday to reach a place in the semi-final program.

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