Sanfic Festival starts in Chile with award-winning films in Cannes, Berlin and Venice

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SANTIAGO, Aug. 19 (Xinhua) – The 14th edition of the Santiago International Film Festival (Sanfic 14) opened its doors in Chile today, featuring almost 100 films from more than 25 countries, including award-winning films at Cannes festivals, Berlin and Venice.

"Sanfic is a source of pride for Chile and the Chileans, so we support it at the Ministry of Culture with determination and enthusiasm, and we will continue to promote local cinema," said Minister of Culture, Art and Heritage, Consuelo Valdés. .

Valdés said that the national makers "had a well-deserved prestige, so it is important to keep showing their art, vision and talent within and outside the borders".

Government authorities, filmmakers, producers and representatives of the audiovisual industry, as well as various figures from the world of culture and art, attended the opening ceremony of this festival, which takes place from 19 to 26 August at various locations. cinema and cultural centers of the country.

The director of Sanfic Art, Carlos Núñez, said that this version contains about 100 films from the most important festivals in the world, world and Latin American premieres, as well as "great Chilean films in competition and many first-class guests".

Núñez celebrated the arrival in Chile of the most nominated actress in the history of the Goya awards, the Spanish Maribel Verdú, as a special guest this year at Sanfic, in honor of her more than thirty years career and her filmography of more than 60 years of feature films.

Verdú, who was applauded Sunday at the beginning of the festival, has worked with influential directors from around the world, such as Francis Ford Coppola, Fernando Trueba, Carlos Saura, Alfonso Cuarón and Guillermo del Toro; and won the Best Actress award in the Goya in 2008 and 2013.

The opening ceremony took place at nightfall in the CorpArtes Foundation, a capital city dedicated to promoting cultural access through education, which this year promises to bring cinema to a new audience & # 39 ;.

This via 56 functions and 31 free workshops in schools and cultural centers, which wants to reach more than 6,500 children, young people and adults, told reporters the director of the agency, Francisca Florenzano.

Dominga Sotomayor, Chilean maker and first woman who won the Best Road Award at the Locarno Film Festival with her third feature "Late to that young", told Xinhua that she is "very excited and expectant to see the Chilean reaction" with regard to his film, which premieres on Wednesday in the South American country.

He hopes that the recognition received in Switzerland at the beginning of August "will help the film reach more people because it has made a lot of noise abroad".

The film commissioned by the Sanfic was "El ángel", by the Argentine director Luis Ortega, who presented his latest film together with his cast, with actors such as Mercedes Moran, Lorenzo Ferro Toto, Ricardo "Chino" Darín and Luis Gnecco, the father of the protagonist.

Gnecco told Xinhua that the piece tells the true story of a murderer and a youth thief, but the film does not explain it, does not do sociological theory, but only shows the facts. & # 39; a challenge. "

Sanfic has an international competition of 9 feature films, including works like Doubtful (Israel), from Eliran Elya; Dovlatov (Russia), from Aleksey German; Dry Martina (Chile-Argentina) and The Music of the Spheres (Cuba-United States), by Marcel Beltrán.

This year's jury will consist exclusively of women, with the aim of promoting the equality of men and women in the film world.

For his part, the race for the price to the Chilean film will show films such as "The Invented Biography" by Nicolás Lasnibat; "Perkin" by Roberto Farías; "Sobre los Muertos" by Simón Vargas, and "Sleep Disorders" by Sofía Paloma Gómez and Camilo Becerra, among others.

In addition, 22 feature films will be presented in the feature film competition, which will be judged by a jury consisting of the executive producer of FiGa Films, Sandro Fiorín; the executive producer of Coral Cine, Lucía Gaviglia, and the Chilean filmmaker Claudia Huaquimilla.

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