Sony recognizes that he recorded songs from Michael Jackson with a double

CITY OF MEXICO.- Eight years ago, in December 2010, Sony Music and Epic Records have released a posthumous album compile songs never before heard from Michael Jackson, simply & # 39; Michael & # 39; called. It was the first album with new material from the musician since "Invincible", which was published in 2001.

Shortly after the release, family members, fans and famous musicians doubt the authenticity of Michael Jackson's voice on three of the songs on the disc.: Breaking news, keep your head above water and sample, including Katherine Jackson (mother), Randy and La Toya Jackson (brothers), Prince and Paris Jackson (two of their children) or the musician Eddie Cascio, producer of these three songs, which was also claimed to have been recorded in the cellar studio of his house, appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show and emphasized that they were real, the news portal that publishes.

Many fans of Michael Jackson speculated that the three themes were recorded by Jason Malachi a singer who is able to imitate the voice of the king of the doll. In January 2011 a message was posted on Malachi & # 39; s website where he confessed that he was in fact the singer of those songs. Shortly after his manager had stated that it was a hack.

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The controversy became so great that the three songs became known as "the themes of Cascio".

In 2014, Vera Servoa organized a campaign on Kickstarter to investigate the authenticity of the three songs with a forensic expert and then start a civil lawsuit with Sony Music, representatives of Michael Jackson's properties, MJJ Productions and producers Eddie Cascio. and James Porte The result of the forensic analysis of the problems showed that they constituted a fraud and the voice was not from Jackson.

Four years later, during the test held yesterday in Los Angeles, California, the label has accepted that the numbers are false. The question seeks compensation for those who have purchased the album or songs in iTunes or as part of a collection of albums released in 2013, in addition to the costs of lawyers. The sentence is still unknown.

Even with three fake songs, more than a million copies of the album have been sold.

False songs are not the only controversy

Although releasing a posthumous album with fake songs by Michael Jackson is a horror and a demonstration of the level of greed that producers and record labels can achieve, it is not the only controversy behind the album in question.

Shortly before the release of the album, the father of Jackson, Joe and the musician, with whom he collaborated prior to his death, criticized the release of the songs, and assured them that they did not have the final approval of the musician. they are not ready yet and because of their perfectionist nature I would never have published them.

On the other hand, perhaps to increase the number of well-known collaborators and to increase the sales of an album that should never be released, Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, Nirvana) was included in the credits of the album, as a drummer in the number (I can not make it) Another daybut the musician himself says that he is not.

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