Symphony Orchestra dazzled visitors from the Austral Zone

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unexpected concert performed by the Symphony Orchestra of the
University of Magallanes, was more than a hundred people enjoyed
in the central hall of the Zona Franca.

The activity is part of the UMAG Season School, he said.
Javier Albornoz, Director of Extension. "The idea of ​​us is giving
know the orchestra in the region and we are in motion for that
in all areas, both public and private. This time we did
the contact with Zona Austral that we can show a bit
what is done in the university, through the cultural. "

Orchestra consists of fifty musicians, including
rubbed strings, percussions, winds, which vary between
students and professionals. "We have well-known musicians in the
university and there are young people who are quite old and have a lot
future projection. "

Film music

from film classics, such as "Amor Sin Barreras" or "StarWars"
part of the repertoire of the group under the direction of the director
artistic musical Ricardo Colima, who
He shared it with the newspaper of El Pingüino: "We decided to make music from films
what music is that everyone knows, it is easier for auditors
because they can relate it to the films, instead of touching them
symphony of Beethoven or one of Ramsey, who will not recognize it
Generally, then we decided to make a series of film conversions as
Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Titanic, Love without
Barrera, Lord of the Rings, among others. "

Zona Austral

Finally, for Óscar Sanhueza, head of marketing and communications of Zona Austral, this activity is" a presentation
that not all people have the initiative to go see, but this is the intention
all Magellanics and we have the space to be able to
exploit it and run this show so that people know
more of this type of orchestra, which presents different styles. We are bad
would like to have a room for people again
enjoy the culture in the Austral Zone, "he said.

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