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In her journey as an actress, Thalía participated in more than 10 Mexican productions, but it was the telenovelas that led to the stardom of the Mexican artist who turns 47 on Sunday 26 August.

In addition to two films and a play, Thalia it has seven soap operas at its disposal, seen by more than two billion people in 182 countries. But the most famous were those of the so-called "Trilogía de las Marías".

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That is known "Marimar", "María Mercedes" and "María la del Barrio" They were seen by one billion people during the original transfer. That is why many Mexican media think it is her role as an actress who has made her famous all over the world.

Despite the various critics because of his form to act, Thalía is considered the "Queen of the Telenovelas" and is probably the most famous actress of this type of television in the world. But not everything was easy for the Mexican. In an earlier interview, the interpreter of "I can not remember" said that two of the most difficult scenes he had to do were "Marimar" and "Maria Mercedes".

"I remember two very special ones: in Maria Mercedes, when they put me in a crazy place (asylum) and tied me up, it was impressive, I felt there and they repeated the scene eight times, I stayed alone for half an hour. the studio crying, "he said about the telenovela he played with Arturo Peniche.

Thalía also said that one of the difficult scenes she had to record was in "Marimar", a telenovela she played with Eduardo Capetillo. "Another was when in Marimar the bad news of the novel caused me to pick up the gold chain in a puddle," said the 47-year-old actress.

Then relive the most dramatic scenes that Thalia had to do in the soap operas in which she played.

Thalia and the most dramatic scene in "María Mercedes"

The most dramatic scenes of Thalia in "Rosalinda"

The most dramatic scenes of Thalia in "Maria del barrio"

The most excited scenes of Thalia in "Marimar"

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