The angel and the correspondence: the truth behind the alleged letter of Luis Ortega to Carlos Robledo Puch

The case of Robledo Puch it resonated with great force thanks to the movie "The Angel", Luis Ortega. There is no doubt that it is a success in national cinema and that it already enjoys international recognition after it was presented at the Festival of Cannes. A few days ago circulated that the perpetrator had sent a letter to Underground, the producer of the film, in the past few days to express that he was suffering from the way his life was presented on the big screen.

Rodolfo Palacios is the author of the letter.

The fact, revealed in Los Angeles in the morning and confirmed in Real secrets, it was denied by the own screenwriter: Rodolfo Palacios. "I write you as a couple, as a brother, "says the letter that the secretary of a court has published publicly. sandgrouse – as was said until today – but from the author of the book "The Black Angel", on which the film is based.

On his turn Palacios He added that it was the only letter he had exchanged with the offender. "Robledo Puch He sent me 40 letters. I will have sent him about 30. One of them is the one who was wrongly (and undoubtedly with bad intentions) attributed to Luis Ortega"wrote the author in a tweet.

The letter to which he refers Palacios to refute the false information that was distributed, was sent a year ago and contains details such as sandgrouse he promised not to judge the serial killer. But it did not take long for the negative Oakwood Puch to take advantage of your record on the big screen.

He in turn explained that he used the psychology Oakwood in terms of terms or expressions that do not feel or think, but the goal to convince him to receive them with Luis: "Taking Robledo's psychology into account, I used terms or expressions that I do not feel or think, but the goal was to persuade him to receive Luis and me. It was a strategy. And, I admit, a mistake, "he said and revealed how his relationship with Puch: "Robledo hates me for 10 years and threatened to kill me with three shots by a bank robber from Rio."

Despite the tour they have sustained, Luis He thought it best not to see him. "We go through another phase of research, the letter (which Robledo gave to a secretary of a judge and the secretary spread to the media) is my work, last point," he explained. Palacios ending the subject.

The truth is that Robledo Puch He forbade the use of his name in the film and reserves the right to take legal action if his name appears in a cinematographic work.

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