The doubtful statement by Vicuña after "finding" Pampita

A few days ago, a fan account of Pampita uploaded a photo of the model on Instagram and the actor gave it a "like".

For some time, social networks have been fundamental protagonists in the lives of celebrities. Every day they share their work history, family photos & personal videos & # 39; s.

To the extent that everything is exposed in the virtual world. Even the mistakes! Evidence of this is what happened a few days ago with Benjamín Vicuña, when a fan page called Pampitanice uploaded a photo of the model and, as the character of El Chavo del 8 said, "unintentional, wanting", the Chilean heartbreaker gave a "Like" .

Immediately thousands of questions arose. What did Vicuña do when he looked at a page with photos from Pampita, why did he give a "like"?

Those answers were sent to Ezeiza Intruders, where they waited for the arrival of the actor, who came from Spain with a new look – shorter hair – where he worked for a few months for Vis a Vis, the mini-series that applies to his third season and is furor on Netflix.

"It is temporarily in Spain because I have my children here, which is the most important thing: Argentina is my home, my old wife lives there and we had a great time (with China Suárez and her daughter Magnolia) I came a few days more, "the actor noted with sympathy.

With regard to the Magnolia presentation photo that Suárez China uploaded, Vicuña was moved to talk about her daughter. "It is my beautiful little thing, my chubby girl is very peaceful, she has a great character, she is a miracle and a gift of life that I cherish and care like no other," she said.

Until the beginning of the controversy that was generated with the "Like" on the photo of Pampita. And except that it was serious, the explanation of the Chilean was somewhat confusing. "Look, if I put a page on a follower's page … I do not know what it was about, how it happened, but it's not like I'm making a controversy, how will I go mad? say they have hacked me, nor were they the Russians, but I do not know what happened, "he said.

About the end they asked him how his relationship with his ex was: "It's all right with Pampita," he said shortly. To the columnist Alejandro Guatti asked him if he knew he was separated from Pico Monaco. "I have no idea," he closed something uncomfortable. And he ran fast.

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