The howling of Martín Cárcamo on his return to the study of "Very Good Morning"

He was reunited with old colleagues.

Martín Cárcamo is preparing to animate the Viña del Mar Festival, so the morning visits to the protocol have started.

This Thursday was the driver of Bienvenidso in the "Very Good Morning", where he remembered his beginning in the morning of the state channel. "There are lifelong companions that we have lived very strong things here."

"Here we have had very nice things, here I see so many people I love and who have been so important to me in my career and outside the professionals, there are extraordinary people here," Cárcamo remarked.

The animator could not stand the tears, even took the time to think of Felipe Camiroaga, since the last time he entered the studio was when they paid homage to the Falcon.

"I am glad that we are in this case of joy, of revelry, and I am taking this opportunity to applaud for this human team of national television people who are unbelievable," he said.

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