The plans of Matías Oviedo with Camila Hirane: "I want to get married"

The actors Matías Oviedo and Camila Hirane They have been polo players for more than two years and they have also played together in three teleseries. The last one is "Hidden truths", in Mega, a successful bet with a loyal audience that does not miss a single chapter.

The actor talked about this success in his recent visit to the late "Follow me the Good ones", from VTR's VIVE channel and that will be broadcast tonight at 22:00. There, the animator Julio Cesar Rodríguez also asked him about the subject of marriage and children.

"I was reading and Camila said publicly that she wanted to get married.These things happen, it happened to me two weeks ago, and Camila too, the girls come together.", the animator said.

To which Matías Oviedo replied: "You've got me in trouble Yes, I want to formalize, get married, I have an age to earn, I'm 38."

In addition, Camila discussed the problem of marriage and children, but not something that is now fooling them. "Yes, there is no role We have been talking There is no hurry, but there is a desire to formalize something somewhere", responded Oviedo.

"Yes, I do not have it and neither do they … Don Julito urges me The subject is there I want to be a father, I love children I do not know when I'm lucky, women are the same. You have more time ", the actor decided on the plans they will have as a couple in the future.

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