The reaction of Justin Bieber's mother to his alleged marriage

There are rumors that they suggest that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin They were secretly married on Thursday. In this respect, the mother of the singer, Pattie Mallette, managed to post on Twitter "Love is unconditional."

After the controversy generated by the news of their union, Justin Bieber's mother also had to come out in defense of his son and his daughter in law , after several haters attacked the presumed newlyweds.

In defense this Sunday Pattie has again resorted to social networks to tweet: "Haters will hate. #ElAmorGana".

According to the magazine people Justin and Hailey were married in a civil registry in New York this Thursday. "They went on and did it without listening to anyone," a source told the publication.

Despite the news, the model said a day later in their social networks that she does not consider herself a married woman. "I understand where the speculation comes from, but I am not married yet," he wrote in a tweet which he later removed.

But a friend of the couple insured people Which Hailey "You feel that a civil ceremony and a" real "wedding are very different things. & # 39;

In the same vein, a source of the religious community to which the couple belonged assured the magazine that Justin and Hailey are already legally married, but that a religious ceremony will soon take place and the celebration they will share with their respective families: "They will be a super party, for God and all those who love it ".

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