The sad drama of the "Poeta" of Morandé with Compañía Glamorama

Author: Glamorama Team / 30 September 2018

"I was worried that this kid would be doing something crazy, I tried to tie it in. This did this and this other," said, in tears, Ernesto Belloni in the foreground.

The famous comedian drew attention because in this note he gave to the celebrity of Chilevisión, he could not contain the emotion when he referred to Daniel Ponce.

Daniel is better known as "El Poeta" by Morandé with Compañía. Years ago, Belloni met this slender, tall and stuttering young man and took him into his routines at Mega's late night show.

Ponce became popular. Belloni became like his second father. The poet is married, has two children. But on Friday in the foreground he revealed, via a live link to space, that his wife left him and took his two children.

Today the woman lives in Viña del Mar, has a new partner and a third child. Ponce had a very bad time and is only now recovering. But he must fight for the economic means to pay for the alimony of his children. He also strives for a legal separation to remain calm with his new partner.

The man who has been bullying since childhood, was excited to speak in the foreground:

Daniel "Poeta" Ponce: "The only thing I want now is to divorce and be with my new partner, the Jenny"

Juan Pablo Queraltó: "How did you live that separation? How did you live that moment, which must be very complex?"

Ponce: "Because of the divorce I initially suffered, but not now, what I love the most are my children, Christopher and Scarleth"

The Queraltó: "Do you always see them?"

Fran García-Huidobro: "Why did you split up, Daniel?"

Ponce: "She just left without doing anything with him, she has another person, even a baby."

García-Huidobro: "She decided to divorce you?"

Ponce: "She went alone"

Julio César Rodríguez: "But did he inform you that he was leaving or one day you came to the house and was he not there?"

Ponce: "I've suffered a little bit, she said," I'm going away. "But I told him the kids had them, a cousin of hers, to whom I phoned the phone, told me, pass them, give them by so they can go around the square & # 39 ;. & # 39; I am not going to pass them on, I do not want it & # 39 ;.

"Then I passed them." It is seven o'clock, but I brought them to me at eight o'clock. "The girl with the skirt and the boy with shorts It was seven, eight, nine, and he was gone. & # 39; It is that I went to Viña & # 39; & # 39; … "

Rodriguez: & # 39; She did not tell you why she left? Did not he say you & # 39; for this, for this other did I meet someone? & # 39; Did he say anything? One day he took his things and left. How was that? "

closer: "He arrived and left without taking anything"

Rodriguez: "Oh, he did not come back"

García-Huidobro: "What Daniel says is that after he was with the children, he asked the children and took them away"

Rodriguez: & How long did it take before she left one day and you did not know anything about her and you found out she would not come back? How much time did you spend? & # 39;

Ponce: "Months have passed … Months"

Rodriguez: "And you only stayed with the two children"

Ponce: "I stayed with the children"

Rodriguez: "And all those months waiting for her to appear and you knew nothing about her"

Ponce: "No nothing"

García-Huidobro: & # 39; And do you think you were a good husband, a good father? Do you think you behaved well? "

Ponce: "I behaved well, she said she left because I had put another woman in the house.

García-Huidobro: "Are you sure?"

Ponce: "Safe"

García-Huidobro: "Totally safe?"

Ponce: "Sure sure"

The Queraltó: "And where did that come from, Daniel?"

Ponce: "I do not know"

García-Huidobro: "But apparently I had already told him that I had put a woman in the house"

Rodriguez: & # 39; But he told you a few months later. But to understand better, they are in Viña, your children are in Viña. Your visit regime is daily, every 15 days, weekend through "

Ponce: "It can be weekend, every weekend" -HERE THE VIDEO-.

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