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After five successful films for television, the saga Sharknado finally says goodbye with a sixth film in which the follies reached the maximum, because not only is there a tornado of sharks, now a journey in time is involved. .

The last sharknado: it was time (19459008) The last sharknado: It & # 39; s About Time ) is the name of this production, again with the lead Ian Ziering and Tara Reid.

In a phone call from Los Angeles, Ziering stressed that it was time to end this adventure that began as a mere project he had to do to take out health insurance and care for his family.

"We have already told a story that came to a conclusion." The end of the fifth movie was when Fin (Ziering) held a bag with his wife's head in his hands, nothing more. a timely journey meant for him to find the solution.

Finn must prevent the first Sharknado from taking place and so nothing else would happen, I think it's the perfect time to close this circle, maybe we're going fast, but the reality is that we never expect anything after the first film, "he said.

The actor says that despite the success they have enjoyed, the reality is that history no longer gave.

In the first film, the sharks completely destroyed California, erased the East Coast and then all the United States from the map, then ended with the world, then we had to travel to space and in reality there was nothing left to tell, instead of going back and rewriting all the devastation we saw in the previous films and bringing the world back to its former state of harmony and we felt that traveling through time was the best way to achieve this, "he said.

The first band of this franchise, which has become a cult saga, was broadcast in 2013. Five years later, The last Sharknado: it was time will be released today in Mexico at 9:00 pm broadcast s by SyFy and also in more than a hundred countries.

" Sharknado is like the sword in the stone of the genre. It is an iconic gem for fans. Despite the platform because it was for television, from the budget, it has captured the excitement of science fiction fans all over the world, so despite what it is, it became a shark film that was world class.

It has been around for years because it had two billion interactions on Twitter with the second movie. It is a success and it is entertainment all over the world. I have spoken to reporters about this project on a global scale, which continues to amaze me. And it is the continuation of my journey as an actor, "he said.

Although Ziering was involved in the project because of the need to provide his wife and son with health insurance and of course money, he said he did not have high expectations what could happen with this production

"When we made the first film, there were many spaces that had to be filled with special effects and it was not a blockbuster . We had no budget, we could not think of the idea of ​​delivering high-quality content with the money available, the story was so epic that I did not think we would achieve it.

"The reality is that I was doing the job because I had to take care of the family because I was not working at the time and my wife was pregnant.

" As a husband and father, my job was that, so I took the job to. I did not have high expectations, but suddenly it became a cult film, with millions of reactions on Twitter and for the second band, that network exploded and that is how we finally made six films.

Therefore, I am proud of this, although I believed in him from the beginning. The criticism stayed behind the film and accepted it for what it is. It is not a film by James Cameron, Steven Spielberg … it is from Anthony C. Ferrante and maybe it does not generate that expectation, it is another way to make a film. "


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