Turner Chile launches the CHV Live digital platform

The Turner group has announced that CHV Live, the new digital platform of its channel Chilevisión (CHV), will be available from Chile on Saturday 18 August.

According to the company, it is a "new extended experience" of CHV, which will bet on the original production of digital content.

These can be seen "from the channel site, Facebook Live, Twitter and Instagram, which will improve the presence of CHV on different platforms to reach all target groups," says Turner.

The launch of CHV Live, the statement continues, is a consequence of the disruption of digital media, so that each family member can see another program and an independent device. "This is why this platform wants to introduce new themes for different target groups."

"We are faced with the challenges the technology poses and are working to provide younger viewers with innovative, relevant and high-quality content and a second screen for the channel, allowing our audience to see new material through other channels." Cisterna, executive producer of the digital area of ​​Turner Chile.

Among the content that will be broadcast in CHV Live The last Denver show, the launch of the new album by Javiera Mena, a concert by Chancho and Piedra, programs like Coffee with cream from Natalia Valdebenito and competitions such as the Valdivia Film Festival, the Neutral Festival and the Indigo Awards.

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