Two fewer participants: "Rojo" lived his first elimination day in primetime | TV and show

This Friday, August 17, performed the first elimination of the program Red in primetime (22:30), in which the singer left the contest Felipe Galindo and the dancer Juan Francisco Matamala

In the first place, the competition of singers was developed. In this decisive stage Carla Costa came Jorge Núñez and Galindo himself. After the three presentations were developed, the jury decided that the interpreter should stay in the program for another week.

With this, the two men reached the elimination line, an instance where the teammates decide which competitor in the program continues to compete

In this way Núñez received the votes of Juan Ángel Mallorca, Jeimy Espinoza and Andrei Hadler; leaving the young man alone, resident of the municipality of Pedro Aguirre Cerda, in the other sector.

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Secondly, the dancers played. Nicole Hernández, Juan Francisco Matamala and Hernán Arcil.

After the three presentations were the four members of the group who had to fight to stay in the talent program, Red defined that Arcil was the one who stayed behind for another week, causing Hernandez and Matamala stayed behind in the elimination row.

In the latter case, after a split vote was held ] Nicole Hernández received three votes of support and left "Juanfra", who resigned her resignation. "

" Thank you very much Rojo I am leaving but I keep dancing, this is not the end They will continue to know everyone, thanks to everyone, "said the dancer the moment he said goodbye.

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Capture | TVN

Reactions on social networks

This new broadcast of the talent program became a trend on the night of Friday As expected not all viewers agreed with the decisions of the artists and the jury.

These were some comments on Twitter.

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