Why the actors do not want Patricia Maldonado TV and show

Without a doubt that Patricia Maldonado is a controversial character in Chilean television. In recent days, however, it was a forced issue because of the displeasure that the guild of actors have their presence in the Mega & # 39; s morning.

It is not the first time that the artist is confronted with this kind of controversy, since April a campaign on the site Change.org began to spread, to remove it from the screen.

The initiative started after the panel member A lot of flavor publish a message on Facebook to support the statements of UDI deputy Ignacio Urrutiawho described the "victims" as "terrorists" violations of human rights.

"I congratulate you on Urrutia, deputy … you have your pants on and not like the others on your couch that they only wear to cover the * &% $% & $. Come on, Deputy Urrutia continues to fight. never that the brave dice dies and cowards die knee and cry (sic), "wrote the first.

The campaign was led by the actor Pablo Schwarzwho had a hard exchange of statements with Maldonado.

Although the subject seemed forgotten, when a new controversy revived after he too actor Alejandro Goic literally fled from the morning to meet Maldonado.

Later, in an interview with CNN Chile, the artist explained his escape in the defense that the commentator had rejected by violations of human rights during the dictatorship, as Álvaro Corbalán and Patricio Castro.

"She defends torture, defends those who have tortured, which is incomprehensible to me … she symbolizes that," said Goic. But instead of trying to calm the mood, Maldonado accused him of seeking publicity.

As the case began to fade with the passing of the day, the guild of the actors did not want to miss the opportunity to express their rejection of the artist in the act by Human rights that was done in the Museum of Memory.

In the occasion, the actress from TVN, Amparo Noguera, drew attention to making a curious call. "No to Paty Maldonado in Megavisión, yes to Alejandro Goic," he said.

However, and this time from a cultural political context, Mega's own actors operated "Maldonado", as confirmed by the actor Paulo Brunetti.

"A letter was sent from the whole cast stating that we would not take part in the morning while this lady is there," he said.

Coincidence or not, the truth is that the actors promoted the latest Mega production, House of Dollswithout the presence of Maldonado in the studio.

But from the channel they gave a brief statement in which the existence of this letter was rejected and the statements of Brunetti to Chilevisión were rejected.

"Given the repeated press reports about an alleged letter from the actors of Casa de Muñecos to Mega who refused to attend the morning of our channel, we categorically denied the existence of such a letter," they said.

But the denial of the television signal was seriously questioned, after the actress Sigrid Alegría explain what happened, and say that a letter has actually been sent.

"From the dramatic area we have proposed and asked for our campaign (from the promotion of the telenovela) to go to the morning and without her (Patricia Maldonado) participating at the time, she represents a painful place for us (.. .) She will not go into the morning when we are in the dramatic area, "she told LUN.

Remember that Maldonado is not the first television figure to be questioned because of its political position. Even in Congress there are currently two banknotes these sanctions hate crimes, but they are still being processed.

In September last year, the then President Michelle Bachelet signed the project that typifies the crime of incitement to violence, and tries to punish people who propagate direct or indirect messages against people because of their nationality, gender, gender, sexual orientation, religion or beliefs.

This is a new article that intends to be included in the Criminal Code and punish up to 540 days in jail and a fine of 50 UTM for those who violate the law.

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