YouTube: Young impresses the world by playing pipes as if it were a battery [VIDEO]

August 26, 2018 8:45 am

This last weekend is viralizing on YouTube, a video that shows how a young man with a great ability to play musical instruments, uses PVC tubes to show his great talent in the streets of Chile.

In the clip YouTube shows how citizens are impressed by the performance of the young man and leave coins in a container.

The mysterious boy wears an urban outfit with a hooded coat and a scarf that covers part of his face.

"Better than many current electronic music productions", a man identified as ODiis, noted in the comments YouTube.

The video contains more than 191 reproductions YouTube and thousands of comments. It is true that there are other similar videos on the platform, but this has more than one blinded because of its ability to touch the PVC tubes.

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