5 reasons why your diet does not work

3. Stop believing that it is your fault

In summary, diets do not work. Through marketing and many other factors we have come to believe that losing weight and restoring it after abandoning restrictive eating habits is our fault. This idea of ​​willpower and perseverance does not produce a healthy life.

It is a fact that for more than 90 percent of people diets do not work. They give a brief moment of excitement and progress, but often lead to binge eating and other negative feelings.

Diets are not necessarily made for long-term adherence, but provide a short-term result with long-term effects, as well as a slower metabolism.

4. Be compassionate with yourself

This is the second part to stop believing that it is your fault. Self-pity is something that we need to focus on more. Self-pity is the opposite of self-judgment. Self-judgment leads you to a negative spiral, self-competence takes you from that vicious circle.

Research shows that people who have more self-compassion generally show healthier health behaviors and are therefore healthier. Increasing your self-pity can reduce stress, your ability to connect with your body and increase your individual needs, and broaden your well-being.

5. Try an anti-diet approach

This approach to diets brings all other questions together that you can ask yourself. This anti-dietetic approach is the way to experiment with food, discover what you like and really listen to your body to know what to feed, and everything within reach of self-pity. There is no judgment, nor rules, nor expectations, adjust your body to realize your own needs and preferences.

All in all, nutrition often leads to less healthy behavior than non-diet. Look for ways to make and eat more than you like, recognize the things that should make you stressed and find ways to have more compassion for yourself. You deserve it and your health will improve through this process.

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