7 sports to improve the sexual life of men

Regular and moderate training improves the physical and mental health of men. A proven fact that influences medical specialists for the well-being of citizens. And although constant exercise is not an easy task, especially because of daily commitments or age, it has a special advantage that extra motivation must be to take time and practice it.

Several studies have shown that sport increases the sexual performance of men in bed. The training helps keep the heart healthy, one of the basic muscles during sexual intercourse, when the blood vessels dilate to provide a significant flow of blood to the male reproductive organ.

At the same time, sports practice helps to control the levels of insulin produced by the body. A natural remedy to fight some metabolic diseases such as diabetes, key in sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction.

In addition, gentle training has a positive effect on the lungs, which gradually improves breathing. Increasing the capacity of oxygen in our body increases the resistance in the bed.

Finally, sport helps to reduce weight, so apart from the fact that the man feels more attractive to himself, it is an incentive to dare to take more sexual positions because he develops agility.

The most effective sports to improve

Physical activity is good for man to positively influence both the body and emotions, a suitable combination for intimate relationships. In practice, more endorphins and testosterone are generated in the case of men, which increases sexual appetite.

In this sense, Boston Medical Group recommends the following disciplines to maintain an active sexual life:

• Running: according to a study by the University of Harvard, daily running of 30 minutes reduces the risk of 50% for men with erectile dysfunction. If the elderly do not dare to practice athletics, they always have the opportunity to take a walk at a fast pace.

• Swimming: swimming three times a week, at least 30 minutes a day, increases the sexual resistance of people. Again, a Harvard study showed that people over the age of 60 recognized that they had had sex similar to when they were in their thirties.

• Spinning: aerobic sports reduce the vascular risk factors (eg cholesterol) that are susceptible to the closure of the arteries and therefore cause problems for the erection.

• Tennis: outdoor sports, such as tennis, surfing or volleyball, help improve bed performance. The reason? The sun stimulates the production of vitamin D, essential for generating more testosterone, that is, the hormone that increases anger, essential for the sexual life of men.

• Yoga: a sport that is increasingly fashionable and that can help to strengthen intimate relationships. According to a study by the Loyola University Health System, yoga prefers sexual intercourse because it strengthens confidence, relaxation and pleasure.

• Gymnastics: tuning the body with specific exercises in a certain area improves the self-esteem of the person, so that a good feeling about himself improves male sex life.

• Weights: the lifting of weights causes the body to produce testosterone, which is the main precursor to sexual behavior in men.

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