Accidentally vaccinating against the human papillomavirus in 25 children

A total of 25 children belonging to a first basis of the Spring School from Reñaca Alto Viña del Mar were accidentally vaccinated against the Human papillomavirus (HPV).

It was last Friday, August 24, when a medical team came out Cesfam Doctor Jorge Kaplán arrived at the educational institution at about 9:30 am to give the students the first standard A dose Tresvírica (diphtheria, compulsive cough and tetanus) and that it is part of the National Immunization Program (PNI).

However, according to a statement from the school, the staff at Cesfam contacted the incumbent authorities at 11:45 am to inform them that 25 of the inoculated students had inadvertently inoculated the vaccine. against the human papillomavirus (HPV).

"We deeply regret that this type of situation is of great concern in the families of the students and that it causes distrust in the institution, even if it is not responsible, nor to inspect or manage the vaccines, since we do not like the area health, "they explained from the founding.

The educational institution also said that they were made available for regulations and protocols from the Ministry of Health and that facilitated the communication between the lawyers and those responsible for Cesfam, as requested by the latter.

"Over the course of the hours all staff members of the school gave priority to the situation and kept their doors open, in case it was necessary to talk to a member of the school, those who did it were made to see that we, the professors we can not say the contraindications one of the vaccines could have and that the specialists in this area are the authorized people of the area of ​​health, that had to agree if they wanted more information and that the day Monday 27 the director of the school He would meet the director of CESFAM, given that Saturday and Sunday do not attend. ", she added.

In this situation the parents of the affected children presented a complaint to the public prosecutor and demand a health insurance for their children as a result of the possible consequences that could result from the erroneous vaccination of the children's health.

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