Coconut oil is considered to be toxic by Harvard University of Applied Sciences – Health and wellbeing

Coconut oil is regarded as poison by the academic university of Harvard

The professor of the study house indicated in a conference that the food of fashion can be very harmful to the organism. TVN


In recent times, many people consider it coconut oil as a wonderful and healthy food that offers multiple advantages to our body. however, From the scientific world they have pointed out that fashion nutrition can be harmful to the human body.

The director of the Institute for the Prevention and Epidemiology of Tumors at the University of Freiburg and professor at Harvard, Karin Michels, presented her conclusions about the element and pointed out that coconut oil "one of the worst things you can eat", even qualifying as venomaccording to instructions The Vanguard.

The expert advised not to consume the oil with the argument that the fatty acids that it contains can clog the arteries; increase the risk of coronary heart disease and increase cholesterol.

Despite its popularity around the world, in the scientific community There is still controversy about what is considered a healthy diet and whether saturated fats should be taken up or eliminated.


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