Detect four suspected cases of trichinosis in the Osorno province

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A call to the community to take precautionary measures was taken by the Ministry of Health, then the public and private welfare network in San Juan de la Costa district, Osorno province, discovered the existence of four suspected cases of trichinosis, associated pathology for the consumption of meat or by-products from pork.

The information was released by the Seremi de Salud of the Los Lagos region, Scarlett Molt, where it is emphasized that every slaughter process must undergo an inspection that certifies that the meat is fit for human consumption.

The seremi referred to the symptomatology of trichinosis, whereby a call was made to the community to go to the nearest health care institution in case of suspicion of the presence of the disease. The Minsal also emphasizes the importance of acquiring meat products or by-products, such as sausage, salami, brawn or pâté, in established establishments and authorized healthcare portfolio.

Trichinosis itself is a disease caused by ingestion of encysted larvae from the Triquinella Spiralis parasite. Mainly acquired through the consumption of raw or insufficiently heated meat, where his primary hosts are humans and pigs, for this reason respond to an infection of real public health importance.


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