Dr. Afani: "We do not have structured sex education in schools from an early age" national

the Dr. Alejandro Afani, immunologist and director of the HIV center of the Clinical Hospital of the University of Chile, spoke The DNA test about his lapidary report that would reveal that the prevalence of HIV (1.29%) is almost three times more than the estimated (0.5%).

"Nowadays we respond instead of acting in advance", the academic warned:"Chile is the country with the most new cases in the region"He explained that Argentina reported the same number of infected people in 2017 and has much more populations than Chile.

The problem according to the doctor is that "the young people have lost their fear because it is no longer a deadly disease, but chronically, "and noted that" more than 60% have two or more pairs over the course of a year, and a significant percentage, 6 or more pairs. Less than 20% use the condom systematically".

It has been added that "there is no information about the route of infection, on the other hand testing is not done in a massive way"In addition, we do not have structured sex education in the schools from the early stages, and that needs to be changed"

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