Four people infected with trichinosis discovered in the province of Osorno national

The health region of Los Lagos confirmed the detection of four people infected with trichinosis in the municipality of San Juan de la Costa, Osorno province.

It is a disease caused by the larvae of a parasite of the genus Trichinella, able to reside in a hundred mammals, but very common in the pork, because they are inserted into muscle cells or adipose tissue.

As soon as man consumes these larvae, they change into an adult state in the small intestine where they enter 1,000 and 1,500 eggs, which are distributed through the bloodstream muscles of the whole body up.

It is suspected that the four cases of trichinosis that were discovered were due to the consumption of Pork purchased in informal trade and sex without meeting all sanitary procedures.

The Health Seremi, Scarlett Molt, warned that Symptoms may appear up to 30 days after eating pork.

The main symptoms of trichinosis are stomach pain, intestinal complaints, severe diarrhea, fever of different sizes, malaise, muscle pain and in some cases there is inflammation of the face and eyelids. It can be fatal in severe cases.

It must be emphasized that every pig slaughtering process should do this have the inspection of a veterinarianthat explains that it is suitable for human consumption.

Trichinella cysts that develop in human muscle tissue. Photo: Getty Images.

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