Fraud in England: he had his wife believe for years that he had cancer

David Carroll was convicted of fraud because he told his wife that he had leukemia

Lucy Witchard says that her husband, David Carroll, has made her believe for years that she has leukemia and even a colleague to call her and pretend to be her doctor.

"The barn is a big part of my life", says Lucy Witchard. The accusation that this woman from Leicester, in the UK, is targeting her husband, David Carroll, who had pretended leukemia when he met her in 2006. The couple married in 2011, although they are already divorced.

Witchard, 31, says his mother gave Carroll, 35, about $ 2,600 to be treated in the United States after telling her that his cancer was terminal.

Carroll was sentenced last week to a suspended prison sentence of 26 weeks for fraud.

Witchard told the BBC that his family became suspicious when Carroll was in the United States, where, instead of being treated medically, he enjoyed a vacation.

As explained by the woman, she asked for an explanation when her husband returned from North America, but he became "furious" and tried to continue with the deception.

"He even had a colleague who called him as if he were his doctor," he said. & # 39; After that call, I knew that our marriage was over. & # 39;

The man had to be in treatment in the United States, but he was on vacation
The man had to be in treatment in the United States, but he was on vacation

Carroll then admitted that he had lied and that he had no leukemia.

Witchard then claimed that she was incredibly hurt and angry & # 39; felt because he & # 39; a big part of her life & # 39; had stolen & # 39 ;.

Linda Eccles, Lucy's mother, also felt "heartbroken and devastated" because of her "ex-girlfriends" lies, deceit and selfishness.

"I gave him 2000 pounds (US $ 2600) to travel to the United States to save his life," Eccles said.

"I had that money to save the life of my daughter's husband, to prevent my daughter becoming a widow," the relieved woman told the BBC.

He also deceived his rugby partners

A former member of the Carroll rugby team told the BBC that he had lied to the team about his leukemia and that even the supposed sufferer had received food donations.

Jonathan Hunt, of the Aylestone Athletic RFC club, said: "Carroll had challenged himself to run seven marathons in seven days, but then he could not because, he said, his illness got worse."

Alylestone Athletic teammates organized fundraising events for Carroll
Alylestone Athletic teammates organized fundraising events for Carroll

"So the club organized two fundraising events with a career to support Carroll and leukemia patients."

For all this Carroll was sentenced to 180 hours of community work and compensation of US $ 2,600.

In addition, the man has a restraining order from his ex-wife and his former mother-in-law for a period of one year.

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