Health studies to instruct mandatory reporting in cancer diagnosis

Cancer is currently the second cause of death in Chile, and of every four people who die in the country, one is due to this disease. But the experts' estimates predict a worse scenario, because it could become the leading cause of death in the short term.

That is why, months ago, the Advisory Council on Cancer, which was convened by Health Minister Emilio Santelices, is preparing a new national plan that will lay the foundation for how to prevent and treat the disease in the country.

Yesterday, at the International Cancer Seminar in Chile 2018, convened by the National Cancer Forum Foundation, Minister Santelices assured that the new plan will be included in the latest revisions and will be presented at the end of September.

One of the points that remains to be resolved is the idea of ​​including cancer in the 48 mandatory reporting diseases that currently exist in the country. These diseases are pathologies in which a transmissible infectious cause is suspected, for which the ministry sets a maximum period for the health center where the case is detected to inform the portfolio of possible outbreaks of the disease in question. Some of these pathologies that have this condition are HIV, hepatitis, meningitis or measles.

In the case of cancer, the reason for mandatory reporting is another: the aim is to maintain a more robust and up-to-date database, to create a register of patients with the disease and to have more accurate statistics on the impact of the disease on the land

According to Bruno Nervi, president of the non-cancer Chilean foundation and leading the Advisory Council, one of the objectives of the seminar, including international experts, was to determine whether the registration required by Chile should be reported or it is sufficient to strengthen the hospital data. "The idea is that from here comes a document that contributes to this validation phase," he said.

The former Health Minister and President of the National Cancer Forum, Jorge Jimnez, in turn stated that an issue should be resolved quickly and that in his opinion mandatory notification is necessary, "in the sense that all patients retain their privacy, but offer the situation they suffer, age, date of birth, gender, clinical, pathological and radiological diagnosis ".

The new cancer plan also considers giving nurses a more active role in the detection and treatment of the disease; this, as a way to fight the gap of specialists in Chile, since there are currently 100 oncologists, although they should be more than 400.

Another point of interest, Minister Santelices said, was to increase the coverage of exams in order to detect the disease early in the first line.

US $ 3,500
millions lose Chile because of cancer according to a study by the National Cancer Forum.

Increased the number of people who die from cancer in Chile between 2000 and 2015.

"I hope (the national plan) will be delivered by the end of September, we are already working on the latest version."
Minister of Health

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