HIV specialist: 50 thousand infected people are not aware of their diagnosis

This Thursday the alarming estimate of new HIV cases in the country was announced. Between January and June, 3,849 cases were confirmed in the Institute for Public Health and if the trend continues, towards the end of the year the new cases will be more than 7 thousand.

Faced with this situation, the director of the HIV center of the hospital of the University of Chile, Alejandro Afani, declared T13 Nightthat for the specialists "it was no surprise"because the plans for prevention and information about the virus" have not been considered a priority on the health agenda and no adequate measures have been taken ".

He accused the prevention campaigns being "volatile" and that they appear in a certain period of time, associated with the World Aids Day and that "they disappear as if the disease was not transmitted 365 days a year. & # 39; Moreover, he estimated that the campaigns had no clear message, were confusing and people forgot them. "Young people have different ways of communicating and you have to adapt those ways to deliver that information"he estimated.

He said that it is necessary to understand how the fastest growing segment of infection, which corresponds to 15 to 24 years, is related to the problem of HIV infection.

He explained that on the one hand the new generations have "lost the fear of a disease that was considered deadly and now became a chronic and controllable with triple therapy"and that" relax "is visualized in cases of other sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis and gonorrhea.

Nevertheless, he explained that the announcements made by the Ministry of Health about the purchase of the rapid tests are in line with the expected solutions and what is important. "is that it must be implemented quickly to reverse the trend"from the increase in infections.

The specialist recalled that Chile takes first place in the number of new cases with HIV and mortality because patients arrive very late in the diagnosis.

"We have between 35% and 40% of people in an advanced stage, where the treatment does not have the same resulthe warned.

The professional from the University of Chile has recommended that the rapid test should be "approaching young people because the infection has increased the most" and also to massage it to reduce the number of infected people and who are unaware of their diagnosis.

"In Chile there are more than 100 thousand people infected and only 40 thousand people know, that is, we have between 50 and 60 thousand people who are infected, who are not aware of their diagnostic status and therefore do not be treated and disguised other people, "he concluded.

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